CPMA Committees

This committee shall establish the financial reporting requirements of the Association. It shall review internal financial controls to ensure adherence to the financial controls currently in place and to make recommendations concerning changes in the control system. On a periodic basis, this committee shall review items such as disbursements, collections, check book ledgers, cancelled checks, timely payment of bills, etc. It shall recommend an independent outside auditor subject to a final selection by the Board of Directors. It shall review the independent audit and ensure that there is adherence to the recommendations in the management letter.

This committee shall prepare, in concert with the Executive Director, an annual budget for the Association. It shall prepare a financial statement for submission to the delegates at least 15 days prior to the Annual Meeting. It shall make recommendations to the House of Delegates regarding financing of Association activities and shall explore ways and means of providing funds necessary to carry on current and future approved activities.

This committee shall prepare amendments to the Bylaws as directed by the Board of Directors or the House of Delegates. It shall make recommendations on proposed amendments to the Board of Directors and the House of Delegates. It shall periodically review the Bylaws and make recommendations for modifying them to keep pace with contemporary conditions. This committee shall act as an advisory body on all matters affecting the Bylaws whenever such matters are referred to it by the Board of Directors or the House of Delegates.

BPM Liaison:
Northern CA
Southern CA

CalPPAC (California Podiatric Political Action Committee) is charged with fundraising to support legislators, candidates for political office, and officials who appreciate and support podiatric medicine,  its patients and practitioners, as well as aiding in facilitating access and education of CPMA members to the legislative process in the state.

Corporate Relations
This committee is charged with developing and maintaining relationships with a broad spectrum of companies and organizations that are approved by the CPMA Board of Directors. These Corporate Members support the CPMA through professional activities and financial contributions. They are entitled to a myriad of exclusive benefits which non-Corporate Members cannot attain.

Liaison to California School of Podiatric Medicine (CSPM) at Samuel Merritt University

Liaison to College of Podiatric Medicine (CPM) at Western University of Health Science

Governmental Affairs
GA Committee is the legislative arm of CPMA. Along with CPMA’s advocates, we review and provide input on CPMA's positions on bills pertaining to healthcare and Podiatric Medicine.  GA is also involved in mobilizing our members to get bills passed and aid with other legislative and political issues.

Grievance and Remediation/Peer Review
Acts as a resource to members in matters of appeal in insurance, peer review and licensing issues.

Health Policy
The purpose of this committee is to ensure that no insurance company discriminates in any way against any podiatric physician for similar services that may be rendered by an MD or DO physician.  Also, the committee works to see that podiatric physicians are properly paid for the services they render for patients and are not subjected to any policies specific to 'podiatry.’

This committee is responsible for helping the CPMA and its members in all matters concerning the Medi-Cal program. This includes assisting the CPMA board in formulating policy and strategy, communication with the DHCS, and problem resolution for members.

The Medicare/CAC Rep committee is responsible for collecting and disseminating information regarding Medicare, obtained through various sources, to the CPMA Board of Directors and the membership. The information would be related to billing and usage, appropriateness, changes in the Local Carrier Decision, as well as National Carrier Decision.  These are edicts from the Carrier and CMS that effect when a certain procedure may be used or performed, the frequency, and the related diagnosis for appropriateness. If there is a perceived abuse of a particular code by the profession, other than from a particular doctor, they will advise us as well. The Carrier Medical Director will also consult with the Committee on proposed changes to the LCDs. A representative from the committee represents CPMA  to the Palmetto Carrier Advisory Committee, held quarterly, and to attend the National Podiatry CAC meeting hosted by the APMA, yearly in Washington. The meetings are documented and submitted to the CPMA BOD.

Member Services
This committee works with CPMA staff to provide necessary support and assistance to CPMA members and works with APMA, and local society presidents to help retain and recruit new CPMA members.

Nominating Committee
Its function is to present a slate of candidates for the election at the House of Delegates each year.  This is the only Committee not chosen by the current President, and the CPMA By-Laws state that the current President shall have no involvement.  This committee is always chaired by the Immediate Past President and consists of four additional members, no two from the same Society. Committee members may not run for a CPMA Board of Directors position the year that they serve on the committee.

Public Health Committee
This committee is dedicated to ensuring all Californians have access to necessary and appropriate podiatric  medical care and can see a doctor when they need one. As doctors, we know that it is most effective to treat patients as soon as health issues arise. Access is essential to boosting prevention, protecting the public health and tackling widespread afflictions, such as obesity early

Public Relations
External PE&I supports and augments APMA efforts in dissemination of annual foot awareness campaigns in the press and amongst membership.  Internal PE&I efforts and public relations role is guided by the goals and needs of the current CPMA President and Board.

Radiological Task Force
We monitor and act upon radiology legislation as it pertains to or effects podiatric medicine.  The Task Force has also been working on opening avenues to train office staff for Limited Permit X-ray Certification.

Residency Enhancement

Science and Education
This committee has the main function of keeping the educational program at the Western Podiatric Medical Conference of the highest caliber in the Country.  Our function is to maintain a progressive and ever changing seminar and to slowly grow the attendance while maintaining the quality of the lectures.  We are committed to evidence based lectures that reflect the current literature.

This committee accesses current technology utilized by the Association, and to identify and recommend areas for expansion of technology utilization for the enhancement of CPMA programs and services

Union Liaison
This committee finds ways to utilize the benefits of union membership to aid California Podiatrists by cross-referencing with other committees.

Western Foot and Ankle Conference

Student Recruitment Committee

Workers’ Compensation