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The California Podiatric Medical Association (CPMA) recognizes the significant role the corporate community plays in supporting podiatric physicians in keeping patients on their feet - healthy, active and productive.

To help educate podiatric physicians about products and services available for the care and treatment of their patients, the California Podiatric Medical Association developed its Corporate Member Program (CMP).

CPMA’s Corporate Member Program is able to leverage the Association’s leadership, prestige and organization to enable member companies to reach podiatric physicians throughout California and educate these critical clinicians about their products and services and how they can be utilized in patient care and treatment.


The Take Away: CPMA’s Corporate Member Program provides companies with an outstanding platform to educate clinicians - and through them their patients, promote enhanced name recognition, build brand loyalty, increase awareness of the role of their products and services in patient care, and help to position them as a leader in the healthcare arena.


Please download the CPMA Corporate Member benefits flyer below. We are confident that upon careful review you will find it an exceptional value and outstanding opportunity that should be included in your company’s outreach toolbox.

Presidential Level



Arthrex, Helping Surgeons Treat Their Patients Better



Bach Diagnostics is a multi-specialty pathology group performing both high complexity clinical pathology and diagnostics surgical pathology. Bach Diagnostics’ services cover podiatric pathology, dermatopathology, gastrointestinal pathology, and cytology in addition to advanced
molecular genetics testing in molecular microbiology, pharmacogenetics and toxicology. 

Fully licensed and accredited through the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) certification, Bach Diagnostics adheres to strict proficiency testing through the College of American Pathologists (CAP); as well as all applicable federal and state laws, rules, and regulations.



BakoDX Diagnostics is a provider of diagnostic and therapeutic services with a unique focus on pathology of the lower extremity. Bako’s comprehensive testing menu includes ENFD Analysis, Mass Spectrometry, for rapid identification of bacteria from culture specimens, and Molecular Genetics for the detection of micro-organisms and as a diagnostic aid in certain pathologic diagnoses. Bako’s in-network services are available through its more than 250 million covered lives, including all five national health plans, and fully compliant patient-friendly billing policies.  Over the past ten years, Bako has evolved into one of the podiatric profession’s principal sources of educational sponsorship.

Bako Diagnostics, your professional partner for disease diagnostics and management! For more information, call us at 855-422-5628 or visit


 Blaine New

Blaine Labs was created with one purpose in mind: to enhance the lives of individuals. We develop and distribute dermatological products (including antifungal and scar treatments) for the medical, cosmetic and retail industry




California School of Podiatric Medicine (CSPM) at Samuel Merritt University is committed to providing excellent education and training of podiatric physicians, quality health care, meaningful community service, and innovative research.



CrossRoads Extremity Systems: In a perfect world, no one would ever have to undergo surgery. In the real world, however, where injury, illness and age take a toll on our bodies, surgery is often the only way to get people back on their feet and back to their lives. At CrossRoads Extremity Systems, our mission is to improve the experience by simplifying it. The CrossRoads Active Stabilization System integrates its high compression nitinol clip technology and is integrated with the stability of its plate offering.    



PICA is the nation’s leading podiatric malpractice insurance company. Founded over 30 years ago for podiatrists by podiatrists, our unparalleled podiatric focus makes us experts in podiatric malpractice claims. You won’t see that with other companies. Visit or call (800) 251-5727 for a quote and learn how we can serve you.



Quantum Pathology is an independent, nationally renowned, fully accredited pathology laboratory committed to providing the best in class in patient care, latest technology, turnaround time and customer service. Our highly trained and experienced staff are board certified by their specialty and always striving to ensure the best outcome for you and your patients.


The Tetra Corporation Providing Safe and Effective Treatments, Dispensed Exclusively through Physicians, Adding Value to Their Practice, On an Unconditional, Risk-Free Basis.



TOPA Diagnostics has provided pathology and cytology services to the medical community – including physician offices, hospitals, endoscopy facilities, surgery centers and radiology facilities – for over 20 years.

“Working closely with our clinical colleagues, we understand that clinical correlation is essential to providing you the information you need to effectively treat patients. That is why we value close communication and are always available to discuss pathology findings on your patients.


Executive Level


products are known for their safety, innovation, and effectiveness. The company focuses its medical product development around its core competencies of orthobiologic therapies and orthopaedic diagnostics. The company is the recognized leader in bone healing devices and among the leading distributors of osteoarthritis injection therapies


OsteoMed: Rethinking Possibilities, Reshaping Lives
A highly nimble and responsive company, OsteoMed is a leading global innovator, developer, manufacturer and marketer of specialty medical devices, surgical implants and powered surgical instruments.

The Company's success is driven by the ability to quickly develop and deliver innovative, quality products focused on improving patient outcomes and offer technically advanced, simple and cost-effective solutions for surgeons, hospitals and patients.

Associate Level




Founded 150 years ago, Guardian and its subsidiaries are committed to protecting individuals, business owners and their employees with life, long term care insurance, disability income, medical and dental insurance products, and offer 401(k), annuities and other financial products and trust services.



Integra LifeSciences, a world leader in medical technology, is dedicated to limiting uncertainty for surgeons, so they can concentrate on providing the best patient care. Integra offers innovative solutions in orthopedic extremity surgery, neurosurgery, and reconstructive and general surgery.


 Osiris Therapeutics, Inc., researches, develops, manufactures and commercializes regenerative medicine products intended to improve the health and lives of patients and lower overall healthcare costs. Osiris continue to advance our research and development (“R&D”) by focusing on innovation in regenerative medicine, including the development of bioengineered stem cell and tissue based products.




College of Podiatric Medicine at Western University of Health Science: Academic excellence achieved through an innovative curriculum, interprofessional education and research that trains podiatric physicians and surgeons to integrate into the healthcare system as compassionate specialists of the lower extremity.


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