Foot Injuries During Long Runs May Be Caused By Shoes


That raw blister on the back of the heel can make running painful. And if an experienced runner gets a stress fracture while trucking a long time, what's causing the damage?

The culprit behind these foot injuries could be from shoes that don't fit correctly, as researchers are aiming to find out.

Scientists from Loyola University Medical Center surveyed runners during the October 7th Chicago Marathon.

They asked runners who sought treatment for foot and ankle injuries what their main complaint was and recorded their foot and shoe sizes.

They also recorded the number of marathons each runner completed, the brand and style of their shoes and socks and an estimate of the total miles run in those shoes.

"Most of these injuries are related to improper shoes, socks or training," said Loyola podiatrist Katherine Dux, DPM, who's leading the study.

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