Avoid Unecessary Delays in Your License Renewal or Issuance


The Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) is scheduled to transition additional Boards and Bureaus to the new BreEZe online licensing and enforcement system in January 2016.

The BreEZe system (which allows licensed healthcare professionals for apply for or renew their licenses online, pay with a credit card, track the status of an application or licensing request, submit address changes and obtain proof of license, and enable consumers to verify a professional license and file consumer complaints) became available for podiatric physicians in 2013, at which time numerous issues were identified for correction. DCA has been working to address these concerns prior to the second phase launch, which has resulted in a delayed timeline and significant budget overruns.

CPMA anticipates interruptions in licensure renewals since the transition to the new system will require a temporary shutdown of all licensing processes for several business days, and could result in delays in processing initial license applications, license renewals, and changes such as name changes or changes of address.

  • License Renewals: Individuals holding a professional license with December 2015 or January 2016 expiration dates who wish to renew their licenses are strongly encouraged to renew as early as possible, preferably before the end of November 2015.
  • New Licenses: Individuals seeking a new license are strongly encouraged to apply before November 23, 2015 or after January 2016 to help avoid delays in license issuance.