CURES Could Be Pushed Back


The CURES enrollment deadline for providers may be pushed back from January 1, 2016 to July 1 of 2016, if the governor signs the legislation.

The change was the result of AB 679 (Allen), which was recently passed by the Legislature and is waiting on action from the governor. The bill was amended late in the legislative session due to concern that the most recent Controlled Substance Utilization Review and Evaluation System (CURES) update has fallen behind schedule. The CURES 2.0 was planned to be in use by July 1 of this year, yet the system is still not fully operational. The delay will give the Department of Justice (DOJ) time to finalize CURES 2.0 and providers to enroll.

CPMA supports the proposed extension due to concern that the CURES 2.0 rollout was not meeting deadlines, and had the potential to create unnecessary confusion among podiatric physicians, exacerbating frustrations that many doctors have had with the system already.

If the governor signs the bill (as expected), health care providers who are authorized to prescribe, order, administer, furnish or dispense controlled substances would have until July 1, 2016 to register for CURES.  Dispensed controlled substance prescriptions can be recorded in CURES, which allows prescribers to look up a patient's controlled substance current usage and past history.

The CURES requirement was established as part of a bill enacted in 2014 (SB 809 DeSaulneir). This legislation required the DOJ, in conjunction with the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) and licensing boards like the Board of Podiatric Medicine (BPM), to develop a streamlined application and approval process to provide access to the CURES database, also known as the California Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP), for licensed health care practitioners and pharmacists.

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