Podiatry in the Spotlight on Capitol Hill


During the first week of May, the President of the American Board of Podiatric Medicine, Steve Goldman, DPM and APMA Treasurer Seth Rubenstein, DPM testified before the House Committee on Veterans Affairs Subcommittee on Health about key legislation that would help address ongoing delays in access to quality care at the Veterans Health Administration (VHA).

Both discussed APMA’s bill VA Provider Equity Act (HR-1058), which would benefit our nation’s veterans through improved, ongoing recruitment and retention of podiatric physicians in the VHA and would help to ensure that a sufficient number of highly educated, trained and experienced podiatric physicians would be available to treat patients with lower healthcare needs.

“This bill reflects significant advancement in the education, training, and licensure requirements for podiatric physicians over the past 40 years,” said Dr. Goldman. “Podiatrists deserve parity within the VHA, and our patients deserve the proven benefits of the best-trained experts in lower extremity care as part of their health- care team.”

“We believe that changing the law to recognize podiatry, both for the tremendous advancements the profession has made, and for the contributions podiatric physicians make in the delivery of quality lower extremity treatment and care for the veteran population, will help to resolve recruitment and retention problems for the VA and for veterans,” Dr. Rubenstein said.