CPMA Opposes Dangerous Legislation that Would Allow State to Set Health Care Prices


On April 9 a new bill, AB 3087, was introduced in the California Assembly, which the California Podiatric Medical Association believes to be a direct assault on the delivery of health care in California. This bill - authored by Assemblyman Ash Kalra (D – San Jose) - would create a new government-appointed commission, specifically excluding physicians, that would unilaterally impose reimbursement rates on health care providers, facilities and insurers, as well as determine the amount of an individual’s copays and deductibles.

Clearly AB 3087 is an unacceptable piece of legislation that would drastically reduce access to care, dramatically undermine the health care market, create speculative and unrealistic payment processes, result in the mass exodus of providers from California, and undermine patient care in the state. It would make it impossible to recruit young doctors to practice in California, which is already experiencing a provider shortage.

CPMA is STRONGLY OPPOSED to AB 3087 and is engaged in the following activities on your behalf:

  • Working in concert with the California Medical Association to develop lobbying and media strategies;
  • Aggressively rebuking the bill during CPMA’s Legislative Leadership Conference on April 11;
  • Contacting key legislators to voice our opposition; and
  • Engaging CPMA members to make sure their voices are heard.

Next steps: The bill is set to be heard in the Assembly Health Committee on Tuesday, April 24 at 1:30 pm. CPMA members who live in districts served by legislators who sit on the Health Committee are being specifically contacted and asked to contact those legislators to voice their opposition.

For more information on the bill and CPMA’s lobbying efforts, please contact Althea Finley at afinley@calpma.org.