Podiatric Medicine is a Healing Art

The message is crystal clear. Doctors of podiatric medicine are extremely well educated and trained in foot and ankle care.

By continuing a long tradition of medical care and constant refinement of knowledge, techniques and procedures, podiatric physicians have been one of the most accomplished -- and, yet, most effective -- arms of the medical care community.

They believe in fair competition. When patients can freely choose any provider, the best specialists will prevail.

They believe in community involvement, such as a long-standing program that provides free shoes and medical care to the homeless and the Baja Crippled Children's Project, which regularly travels to Central America to correct poor children's foot deformities.

Doctors of podiatric medicine are the only health professionals who share with doctors of medicine and osteopathy and dentistry the legal authority to diagnose, administer treatment by medical and surgical means, and prescribe medications for human.

They are trained to provide multifaceted foot care, including complete medical histories and thorough lower extremity physicals, which include vascular, neurological, dermatological and orthopedic examinations. When indicated, x-rays are taken and laboratory evaluations are made.

Podiatric physicians contribute immensely to the well-being of all Californians. They are of special importance in providing care for the elderly and for those suffering from diabetes or arthritis.

California's doctors of podiatric medicine are proud to continue their historic role of contributing to the health and well-being of the people of the Golden State.

For over 90 years the California Podiatric Medical Association has served the people of California by promoting the science and art of podiatric medicine, protecting the public health, and elevating the standards of medical education.

CPMA has been in the forefront of progress for patients and for podiatric medicine, sponsored strong licensing provisions and more stringent formal and continuing educational requirements. The Association continues to support strong regulatory procedures and high ethical standards.