California Podiatric Medical Association

Limited Permit Radiography Educational Program (LPREP) Provided by the California Podiatric Medical Association

Thank you for your interest in the California Podiatric Medical Association's (CPMA) Limited Podiatric Radiography Education Program for Podiatric Medical Assistants to begin your journey toward becoming a Limited Licensed California X-ray technician. This program is approved by the California Department of Public Health – Radiological Health Branch.

Podiatric medical assistants (PMAs) must hold a limited X-ray technician license if they position and or take x-rays in a podiatric medical practice. There are many components to obtaining high-quality diagnostic images, such as proper use of the equipment, positioning of the patient, selecting adequate technical factors, following radiation safety regulations, etc. The primary purpose of the CPMA program is to provide training to the podiatric medical assistant in the safe use of X-ray machines in producing high-quality X-ray images for the treatment of patients in podiatric medical practices. The secondary purpose of the program is to document the training and testing of the podiatric medical assistant for regulatory governing agencies charged with monitoring public safety and the use of ionizing radiation in medical treatment.

This program has a hybrid format, which consists of three (3) components: 1) Self-Study, 2) Online Course, and 3) Clinical Hands-on in the office.

  1. The Self-Study block entails reading the required materials.
  2. The Online Course contains four (4) training and testing modules, including practice questions, quizzes, and a final exam. You will have 30 days to complete each module. You must successfully take the final exam at the end of each module with a passing rate of at least 70%. If the 70% threshold is not met on the initial exam, you will be given the opportunity to retest, which must be completed within 7 days of taking the first exam. The fifth (5th) and final module is the Attestation Module, where you confirm that YOU have successfully completed all the required elements of the program. After your Attestation, you will be able to download your Certificate of Completion for the program, which must be signed by your supervising California Department of Public Health – Radiological Health Branch (RHB) licensed podiatrist and submitted along with the application to take the licensing exam.
  3. The Clinical block requires you to take the specified X-ray views under the supervision of a California-licensed podiatrist with a valid supervisor/operator license issued by the California Public Health Department – Radiological Health Branch. You must maintain a log of the required X-rays taken, which the supervising podiatrist must sign off on. California currently requires 50 X-ray views to be performed and documented.

After you have successfully completed ALL components, you are eligible to apply to take the California licensing exam.

Here is a link to the Radiological Health Branch (RHB) FAQs and Student Application to take exam. Once the application is received, the support unit has up to 30 days to process the application. The student will receive a letter via email with instructions on how to schedule the exam. Exams are given at Pearson Vue testing centers throughout California. The application is valid for one year. If the exam is not passed in that time, another application fee will be required. American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) charges a testing fee each time the test must be repeated.

Here a link to the AMERICAN REGISTRY OF RADIOLOGIC TECHNOLOGISTS (ARRT) website content specifications page. This will tell you what areas are likely to be on the exam.

We hope you will find this course informative and helpful as you learn the essential principles involved in safely taking X-rays in the podiatry office so that you can care for the patients you will serve.

Program Cost:

In researching limited license X-ray technician programs, the least expensive program that CPMA's Radiological Committee found costs $18K (which did not include books/materials). CPMA will offer its California Department of Public Health – Radiological Health Branch approved program at substantial savings. CPMA has made the program available to members at the deep discount rate of $975. The non-member rate is $1950 .

Program Information and Syllabus


To become an approved instructor/supervisor/site for the CPMA program, the Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM) MUST:

  1. Hold a current license to practice podiatric medicine in CA issued by the Podiatric Medical Board of California.
  2. Hold a current CA supervisor/operator x-ray license (x-ray and fluoroscopy) issued by the California Department of Public Health – Radiological Health Branch (RHB)
  3. Request the program application from the Radiological Health Branch (RHB) at
  4. Submit the completed application with the required fee to the RHB. The mail in address is on the application.
  5. Have a state inspection of practice’s x-ray facility and procedures. CPMA has resources to help members make sure their office x-ray equipment and procedures are in compliance.
  6. Receive a letter of approval from the RHB
  7. Once the approval letter has been received, the DPM may register their Assistant for the CPMA program.
  8. After registering, email the Proof of Purchase document for the CPMA Program to the RHB at, and retain for your records
If you have questions, please contact CPMA at (800) 794-8988 x 4 or