Experience the Benefits of CPMA
Corporate Membership

  • Stand Out
  • Increase your Company Name Recognition
  • Build Brand Loyalty
  • Create Awareness About your Company's Products and Services
  • Drive Sales Year Round

The California Podiatric Medical Association’s Corporate Membership Program recognizes the vital role companies and the products and services they provide play in the podiatric medical community and their outstanding work of podiatric physicians and surgeons and their patients.

CPMA’s leadership, standing, and organization offer companies outstanding opportunities that will both increase their access to and visibility within the highly desirable podiatric medical specialty with both professionals and their patients.

As a CPMA Corporate Member, you will benefit from increased access, exclusive opportunities, specific advantages and services that will help strengthen your position in the health care marketplace and increase your market share and sales.

Please take a moment to review the Corporate Member benefits/application and the significant number and variety of benefits available to CPMA Corporate Members. We truly believe you will not find such a bounty of benefits at such cost-effective rates anywhere else.  

CPMA Corporate Member Benefits