CPMA Membership - A Healthy Return On Your Investment

"I checked my bank account and guess what... the stimulus money from HHS Cares Act Provider Relief funds was deposited.  I cannot thank you enough for your tireless work. I greatly appreciate you and your efforts."
Adrienne Sabin, DPM

"My wife and I were singing your praises literally 10 minutes ago when I opened my bank account online. You did it! I cannot tell you how much this means! You are incredible! Thank you!"
Richard Blake, DPM

"I just wanted you to know that I did get my money. I really appreciate you for all your hard work and your effort to make this happen.  
Thank you again." 
Mehryar (Michael) Amirkiai, DPM

Membership Has Its Benefits!

For Over a Century the California Podiatric Medical Association (CPMA) has been- and continues to be - a positive proactive force for podiatric physicians and their patients in California as well as the nation. in expanding and elevating podiatric medical education and standards of care, combating professional discrimination (no matter the source), increasing patient access to life and limb saving podiatric foot and ankle care, safeguarding the patients, physicians and podiatric medical profession..

Membership in CPMA is an investment is your practice, patients and profession. The Association allows member physicians to play an active role in shaping the future of podiatric medicine in California, while still being able to focus on their patients and practices.  

Finally, CPMA knows just how difficult it is to practice medicine in today’s rapidly changing and chaotic healthcare environment. That’s why the Association offers valuable legal resources, legislative advocacy and reimbursement assistance; as well as practice resources, education, information and group discounts on products and services for your office and home.

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